RTI simply means Right To Information. A coalition to ensure a BILL that has been before the PARLIAMENT OF GHANA has since been formed and has since been advocating for the passage of the BILL into LAW.

The STMA branch of the coalition recently tested a situation to see how helpful the passage of such law in our country could be of help to the citizenry when trying to access information. The coalition after conducting "Issues Identification" to ascertain the pressing needs of the citizens in the metropolis finally settled on "POOR SANITATION & INEFFECTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT IN THE METROPOLIS" upon which the RTI process was put to test but unfortunately did not help; simply because there is no law "in Ghana" that compels anybody to release information upon the request of anybody.

Simply put, this means that as members of the Civil Society Organisations; we must continue to push for our PARLIAMENT to expedite actions in passing the BILL into LAW as that will further enhance our democratic credentials as a country and also, ensure TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNANCE in our democratisation process.

Now share your thought: "What in your opinion do you think are the reasons why people(especially public officials) would want to HIDE INFORMATION?"


  • i think information is a very good tool for every human being who want to develop and grow, also in other for proper accountability and monitoring process i appeal that our law makers should fast track the passage of the bill .am strongly for it.

    • I want to find out whether the information is being 'hidden' or because the law has not provided for that?

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